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All About Honour Boards

We offer Australia's most comprehensive range of Honour Boards at good value prices. Our range consists of traditional and modern timber styles, contemporary glass, acrylic and metal Honour Boards. We can also custom make Honour Boards to suit your needs.

What size do I need?

We can help you determine the size required for your Honour Boards. To determine size we need to consider:

  • How many names in total you would like to have on the honour board (how may years it should last)
  • How many Sub Headings/ columns are required?
  • What wall space you have available

Doing the Math

How long do I need the board to be:

  • The title area of an honour board is roughly around 15cm high
  • The persons name with space below is about 2cm
  • Lets leave about 5cm at the bottom

How wide do I need the board to be:

In general we allow 30cm per column. E.g if you need 3 column/sub titles then you'll need about 90cm wide.

  • If a date column is needed we fit that in with the 30cm so no need to go wider. 
  • If you require title holder boards with double date (1976 - 1982) - then we add 10cm to the column size (40cm per column)

Vinyl letters used on Honour Boards are a standard recommended size of 12.5mm character height (they can be made in different sizes if needed)
As a rough guide each name line requires 18mm height space.

We have the below Honour Board size chart that can quickly determine your size requirements. If you need assistance, Please feel free to contact us for advice on your requirements.

Based on popular sized honour boards we suggest these samples:

Names                 Columns              Size

46                          2                            500mm width x 600mm height
34                          2                            600mm width x 500mm height
42                          2                            600mm width x 600mm height
56                          2                            600mm width x 750mm height
72                          2                            600mm width x 900mm height
102                        2                            600mm width x 1200mm height
42                          2                            750mm width x 600mm height
52                          2                            750mm width x 750mm height
68                          2                            750mm width x 900mm height
98                          2                            750mm width x 1200mm height
63                          3                            900mm width x 600mm height
78                          3                            900mm width x 750mm height
90                          3                            900mm width x 900mm height
135                        3                            900mm width x 1200mm height
120                        4                            1200mm width x 900mm height
176                        4                            1200mm width x 1200mm height
220                        5                            1500mm width x 1200mm height
256                        4                            1200mm width x 1600mm height
264                        6                            1800mm width x 1200mm height
352                        8                            2400mm width x 1200mm height


How is the name lettering done?

Honour board names are created with vinyl lettering these days. We use Gold, Black or white vinyl lettering. If you require a colour other than these standard such as a blue or green etc we can provide this but it will incur additional charges.

The old hand painted method gold leafing method has become impractical and very costly for updating so the vinyl lettering makes it so much cheaper and easier. 


We provide an Honour board name updating service in the Sydney Metropolitan area but you can easily do the updating yourself. We provide you with a simple solution supplied with written instructions. There is also a How to Video to show you how simple it is if you'd like to watch this, Click Here

All of our Honour Boards have been designed for easy updating with our easy registration system which allows you to apply updates yourself.

We record the exact measurement and line spacing of your honour board so when you order update names we will always know exactly what to do and replicate spacing etc for accurate consistency.

When we send you names on vinyl or metal to update your boards they come with easy alignment tools so that you can quickly and easily align the new name straight and with the correct line spacing.

When metal plates are involved in updating the honour boards are made initially with location markings or grooves so that you always get perfect alignment of your update plates, which are supplied with an adhesive back.

Timber Finish Colours

Our Honour boards are normally made with a Fijian Rosewood timber veneer over MDF Board and are stained in one of five standard colours to choose from for our Veneer Wood Honour Boards - Click here to view the Colour Chart

  • We can also make honour boards in solid timbers on request such as - Hoop Pine, Tasmanian Oak, WA Jarrah, European Beach, New Guinea Rosewood and Plantation Mahogany.
  • Other veneers can also be used upon request such as Hoop Pine, Tasmanian Oak, Pacific Maple, European Beach.
  • Other colours are available such as clear lacquer, Black, Silver or any colour you like.
  • We can also match colours to you existing Honour Boards as closely as possible.
  • We also offer Honour boards in natural timbers.


We deliver Honour Boards all over Australia - Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and regional areas.
For long distance deliveries your honour boards are protected with a purpose built crate.


Large Honour Boards are supplied with Brace Bar (batton) for the best mounting solution. Brace bars are made up of two lengths of timber with interlocking edges. One brace is attached to the back of the honour boar and the other is supplied loose for securing to the wall. The honour board is then mounted on the wall.

Some contemporary style honour boards have a modern metal standoff pins that hold the board on the wall and stand it of the wall by approximately 25-50mm to give a floating effect.

Smaller honour boards come with hanging hooks.


We do offer an installation service in the Sydney Metropolitan area. We can deliver and professionally install your honour board for you