Here at Premier Awards, We are hanging in there!


In these crazy times recognition and acknowledgement for achievement are more critical than ever.

We can distribute your awards direct to your individual achievers who have already done the work and deserve to have their achievements recognised

Mass gathering shut down doesn’t have to shut down recognition.  Here are some initiatives to help get your awards in your achievers’ hands.



Here are some of the alternatives we are offering you to help keep on inspiring your people.

  • We can ship trophies direct to all recipients for you.
    So no mass gathering, just a proud and encouraged recipient. Just send us the addresses.

     For postponed events.
    We can still go ahead and make your awards now and keep them with us until you are ready to receive them. This will save the mass ordering of trophies  when the turmoil dies down (we wouldn’t want a toilet paper style mayhem in the awards industry)
  • Individual or small group packaging. We can individually pack your awards in small separated boxes and you can hand them out and still put a smile on every achiever’s face.
  • For our sports teams. We can pack your orders into team batches for coaches to hand out in small groups.

And FYI -- at work we are keeping hands clean and smiling at each other from 1.5mtrs, and we never realised how much we like cleaning benches and tools. 


Our opening hours are unchanged as below:
Monday to Friday 8:30am  4:30pm

Please don't hesitate to contact us on (02) 9771 3666 or email us on

Thank you for your support during these challenging times, we look forward to the recovery of our health and community in the near future and

Making it Happen for you