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Crystal Stack

Crystal Stacks can take on many forms. It's a process of adding crystal block to crystal block slightly or dramaticaly offest from each other.

The crystal can be engraved on multiple surfaces and/or even inside the crystal blocks. We can also add colour on the outside using digital direct colour print or translucent overlay to enhance the awards.

There are many creative options with premier Awards Crystal Stacks.

A crystal stack can take on different forms and sizes. Internally Laser Engraved Crystals stacked on top of each other to form an eye catching award. We can add colour background as seen in sample images. This product is individually priced based on your requirements and forms part of our awards and trophies range. You can add full colour printing to the back upon request.

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Comes in 4 Sizes

$315.10 - $602.90


Comes in 4 Sizes

$132.20 - $294.10


Comes in 3 Sizes

$201.75 - $287.75

Diamond Stack

Comes in 11 Sizes

$203.70 - $741.05

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