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Digital Print

Full Colour Digital Print - Including White

Our UV cured full colour digital print capability provides you with an excellent quality vivid colour UV cured printing process that can print on any surface with a product bulk thickness of up to 150mm, Incorporating the latest technology of white ink print we can print white and any colour including PMS colour matching.


Outdoor UV stable for up to 4 years
Can print on almost any surface with product thickness up to 150mm

PMS colour matching capability
Not suitable for wash and wear cloth situations


Image samples:

Australian Parachute Association: Digital print, including white ink onto anodised polished alloy 100mm disc. Used as organisation crest.

Amway: Digital Print on gloss silver plastic

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Price On Application
Current production time: 7 Working Days (Mon-Fri) Plus delivery time | Need it Sooner? Call us & we will see what we can do for you.

Our Direct Digital Colour UV Print delivers the latest technology in digital printing producing high resolution UV cured and baked vibrant full colour print on almost any surface providing you with a durable high quality result.

We can print any image with high impact vibrant colour including, photographs, logos and any graphic image


Almost any material can be direct digital printed: glass, crystal, acrylic, all plastics, all metals, wood, material that is not to be subjected to continuous wash and wear and any coated surface.

Direct Digital colour UV print is the new generation print solution making full colour PMS matched printing more affordable and accessible.

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