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Soccer Lynx Female Resin Trophy

Find a better price for the same item and we'll beat it every time!

You get great prices and reliable service at Premier Awards for all Soccer Trophies. Regardless of whether we are making 1 or 500 awards double check and ensure the quality is worthy of the one individual achiever.

Quality and Reliable work Guaranteed!

Soccer Trophies can also be found in our general sports awards section.

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Our prices are very competitive with or without engraving. And we don't skimp on quality or service. All orders are double checked for quality and accuracy to ensure your complete satisfaction.

We guarantee you'll save when you order with us.

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Current production time: 5 Working Days (Mon-Fri) Plus delivery time | Need it Sooner? Call us & we will see what we can do for you.
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Best Price Guarantee

We will not be beaten on price. Find a better price for the same item and we'll beat it every time!  
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Engraving Prices Go Down

Most online trophy websites promote free engraving but the price is actually built into the products inflating the prices. Just look at the high price they sell small quantities for. The trouble is when you are selecting different trophies at different quantities you pay more for the smaller quantity choices than you do for your large quantity choices.

At Premier Awards you get the fairest deal possible. We actually accumulate the engraving charge separately so that all engraving is tallied together and you get a bulk price across all your trophies. It’s just like it happens when you are in a trophy shop. What matters is the bottom line and at Premier Awards you really do get the fairest deal going.

Our Quality Standard

Every award we make regardless of production quantity goes into to the hands of an individual achiever and must emulate the effort and standard of your achiever.
Read more about our quality commitment here

Fast Service

We like at least 5 working days plus delivery time for most items but we know we can’t always get that so we do our best to make your deadline as much as possible. Check the standard production time on the product page you are ordering.



We use traditional diamond drag engraving methods. It’s the classiest look and finished of your trophies beautifully. We do also offer coloured print style engraving as an option.

Add a Custom Centre

This trophy can have your own custom centre added to the round insert section.If you would like to add your custom centre select Custom Centre in the Add a Custom Centre drop down


If you decide to have your logo printed as a centre then simply send us the best quality and largest jpeg you have. A centre size is 25 or 50mm so it’s pretty small and any jpeg should be fine but just keep in mind that we can’t improve the quality of the image you send us, unless we redraw it which is costly. If it’s smaller than the print size we have to make it bigger and that’s going to pixelate the image.

How the order system works

Choose the quantity and size of the trophy then choose engraving options and any other options that may be available such as centre choices.

Add engraving details, purpose or any specific instructions for this item here or just add it all later. You can add engraving instructions at the checkout by entering details in the job notes section or simply upload any type of file in our upload section.

If you don’t have the information ready that’s fine. Just let us know approximately when you’ll have the details and send them later.

At the checkout when it comes time to pay you can pay by credit card or choose to pay later. You may want to do a bank transfer rather than using credit card.  If you pay later we’ll treat your order like a quote and won’t get anything underway until the payment has been made.

What the Little Heart Means

It means we love you of course. It also is used for the wish list or your favourites list. You can click on the hearts to add trophies you like to you favourites and then have a view for just the favs. If you create an account these favourites will be saved and you can come back and look at your favourite trophies and perhaps show your colleges.

Making an Enquiry Only

  1. Enter your quantity, choose you size, select any suitable option
  2. Use the Enquire Now Button
  3. Fill out the enquiry form and send to us

Enquire about multiple products

  1. Log in to your account or register as a new user
  2. Add multiple items to My Favourites (the heart button)
  3. In my favourites tick the items to enquire about
  4. Press Enquire Now,  fill out the enquiry form and send to us