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Frosted Acrylic Measuring Tool

Made from 12mm frosted Marblo with precision Laser engraving and paint fill. Commissioned by New South Wales Fisheries to be used to measure catches.

Marblo is a contemporary resin based composite material that is excellent for engraving. We use laser engraving, sand blasting or cnc router engraving depending on the project.


Outdoor UV Ok
Hard Surface, soft to engrave and cut
Comes in various colours and thicknesses

Image samples:

Fisheries Ruler: This one meter long ruler was engraved and paint filled for the Department of Fisheries. Precision measurement was critical in this engraving. Material use was 10mm translucent frosted Marblo.

Fossil Game: Commissioned by the Australian Museum these Cream coloured Marblo slabs have been sand blast etched and paint filled to create a fun child's education tool.

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