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Microfiber Cloths Unpackaged

Un-packaged Microfibre Cloths in 4 sizes

Microfibre Clothes are a great economical way of getting your message and brand into the hands of your target audience. Everyone uses computers, phones and glasses so put your marketing message to handy use everyday with our high quality, beautifully printed Wipes.

Being small and light weight they are ideal for distibution and get carried with your audience and used everyday. They come in 4 sizes and can be purchased unpacked as per this product option or packaged in a range of ways. We can even distribute them for you.

Some great ideas for Phonewipes, Glasswipes and Computerwipes are: event give aways, event Invitations, product launches, product & brand exposure, business letters and calenders.

Minimum order = 250


Price On Application
Current production time: 15 Working Days (Mon-Fri) Plus delivery time | Need it Sooner? Call us & we will see what we can do for you

About Microfibre

Each square centimetre of the fabric contains an amazing 6,000 filaments. This is significantly more than most common cleaning cloths. Simply the more filaments a fabric contains, the better it cleans.

Computerwipe and Phonewipe Microfibre cloths absorb moisture, grease and oil incredibly well holding up to 5 times their weight in water.

Tests show that high quality microfiber reduces bacteria on surfaces by 99% compared to 33% for conventional cleaning cloths.

The Difference

What makes Computerwipe and Phonewipe different from other cleaning cloths? Its filaments are significantly thinner than those in ordinary cleaning cloths.

Each ultra thin filament of the fabric has a diameter of only 9 microns. Simply the thinner the filament combined with the greater quantity per square centimeter, the better the cloth will clean.

The fabric is produced in Korea and proudly cut, printed and packaged in Australia. All cloths and printing come with a lifelong guarantee not to fray or run.