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SS Mimic Board

Stainless Steel Mimic Board | Block Plan in Any Size

Made from 1.2mm 304 grade No.4 linish Stainless Steel with precision Intricate Laser Etching.

Engraving Process

Stainless Steel Mimic Board are made in a v.ariety of methods to suit the job at hand. We use Laser Annealing and Fibre Laser Engraving as the primary process but also have options of Etch and paint fill, CNC Engrave and Fill, UV Digital Print and acid etching. Markings placed on stainless steel are extremely durable and have survived such testing as abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, outdoor exposure, extreme heat, extreme cold, acids, bases and various organic solvents.


  • Outdoor UV OK
  • Hard Surface, Linish Finish
  • 1.2mm is standard but comes in other thicknesses - 0.0mm, 0.8mm, 1.2mm, 2mm


Price On Application
Current production time: 7 Working Days - Need itsooner? Call us!

About Laserply Labels

Outdoor-grade Laserply, also known as Traffolyte, is a hardwearing plastic engraving laminate for your industrial labelling requirements. Durable and resilient laserply labels work well for most industrial environments and is commonly used by electricians and manufacturers for economical and reliable labelling.  


  • Outdoor or Indoor Suitable. Outdoor life 5-10 Years*
  • Colours: Standards in drop-down. Other colours may incur additional charges.
  • Size: 1.6mm thick, Sheet Size up to 1000mm x 600mm
  • Durability: Hard-wearing Surface, Stain Resistant

Production Time

Production days General Guide: 5 working days after artwork sign-off

  • May take longer for large orders.

Size Restriction

Any size or shape up to 100cm x 60cm is available to suit your requirements.

What We Need from You

  • Your full delivery address, phone number and email address
  • When you need your order by
  • Engraving Information - preferably in an Excel spreadsheet

How Production Process Works

Once an order is placed, and imprint details are supplied our graphic team will create the layouts and send them to you for approval. So, yep, you get to see what we are going to do before we do it.

We can accept up to two change requests to the design work before we need to add small extra art charges. Once you sign off on the artwork, we will get stuck into it and get your order ready in the specified production days.

Once the order is complete, we will send you a notification along with a copy of the invoice. If there is a payment balance due before dispatch, please make the payment so we can ship the goods to you.


We ship globally to any destination. Locally we use reputable freight companies and can ship overnight to most metropolitan areas. Perth, Adelaide, and Darwin take about 3 days for shipping unless rush shipping is requested. For Sydney, same-day couriers can be arranged.

Imprint Possibilities

  • Standard Imprint: Laser engraving
  • Other methods: Digital full-colour print (not suitable for outdoors)


Traffolyte is an old term for a product that used to be made by Formica. It was discontinued in the early 2000s and has been replaced by hardwearing outdoor grade Laserply. We use the highest quality outdoor laserply to ensure your product is robust.

Many engravers still use the term Traffolyte and supply you with Laserply. It's just a brand term that has stuck.