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SS Mimic Board

Stainless Steel Mimic Board | Block Plan in Any Size

Made from 1.2mm 304 grade No.4 linish Stainless Steel with precision Intricate Laser Etching.

Engraving Process

Stainless Steel Mimic Board are made in a v.ariety of methods to suit the job at hand. We use Laser Annealing and Fibre Laser Engraving as the primary process but also have options of Etch and paint fill, CNC Engrave and Fill, UV Digital Print and acid etching. Markings placed on stainless steel are extremely durable and have survived such testing as abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, outdoor exposure, extreme heat, extreme cold, acids, bases and various organic solvents.


  • Outdoor UV OK
  • Hard Surface, Linish Finish
  • 1.2mm is standard but comes in other thicknesses - 0.0mm, 0.8mm, 1.2mm, 2mm


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