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All About Custom Medals

Premier Awards provide you with premium quality stamped and cast medals for any level of occasion. With 25 years experience and a diligent team of crafts people we can make any style of medal and provide engraving, ribbons and/or case to complete your requirement. You have a choice of stamped or cast styles which is explained in detail below.

With clients such as International Cricket, the Australian Government, The Australian Army, major Soccer Association, schools throughout Australia you can be assured that we will produce absolute satisfaction in quality workmanship.

Stamped V’s Cast Medals


Die Struck – Stamped Medals

A die struck “Stamped” medal is sometimes referred to as a coin. It’s how Australian money coins are made. Stamping is the process of stamping sheet metal such as brass or iron with a die. With a very powerful stamping press the mage is impressed into the metal sheet.

A die struck stamped medal is considered the highest quality custom medal and is a heavier medal than a cast medallion.

Cast Medals

Cast medals are made by way of injecting molten zinc alloy into a casting mould to form the medal. Some cast medal manufacture produces poor quality results but our many years’ experience has led us to a very high quality finished cast medal.

Thickness, Size, Weight

Both Stamped and Cast are a standard thickness or 3mm however they can be made thicker or thinner upon your request.

Stamped and cast medals can be made up to 90mm in diameter.

Stamped medals are a heavier medal than cast medals


Stamped medals do provide you with the highest quality and definition. The best replication of you image. Our Cast medals however are still very good quality.


Most medals are made round but they don’t have to be. We can make medals in different shapes and thicknesses. Cast medals do provide the biggest opportunity in this area.


All medals are available in the all finished. When a high polished finish is required stamped medals do provide the best image clarity. If you like the shiny raised/back ground frost look then stamped does give a stronger contrast




  • Excellent quality
  • Highest definition
  • Size up to 90mm Diameter
  • Heavier then Cast
  • Best for polished shiny finish
  • Best for polished raised surface/frosted back ground
  • Excellent quality
  • More flexibility in shape
  • Size up to 90mm Diameter
  • Lighter then Stamped

What we need to know from you:

In order to get a fast competitive quote please let us know as much of the this information as possible when making your enquiry:

  1. When are your medals required by?
  2. How many medals would you like?
  3. What's going on the front of the medal?
  4. What's going on the back of the medal?
  5. What size are would you like the medal to be?
  6. What colour finish would you like to have?
  7. Would you like colour fill and if so how many colours?
  8. How about a Ribbon and if so what colour?
  9. How about a medal case? Budget or Premium Style?
  10. Will you pick up or get us to deliver?

Medal Colour Samples Click Here