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Timber Laser Engraving

Laser Engraved Timber Work

Any wood can be laser engraved but light wood creates the best contrast. Laser engraved wood creates a permanent marking cut into the surface. The laser beam burns into the wood surface with sharp precision creating an exact image. Even photographs can be laser engraved. The burnt finish does sometimes create a mottled tone finish depending on the woods density. Alternative engraving method is Sand Blasting. We will look at each job and adopt the most cost effective solution.


Outdoor UV Ok
Laser Burns permanently into the wood surface to a depth of 1-2mm
Creates a burnt timber dark grey black etching.

Image samples:

Autumn Leaves:  A variety of thin sheets of solid timber have been laser engraved and profile cut out to create this collage of Autumn leaves for John Keats Poem.

3D Crest: Skilfully laser engraved 3 dimensional crests are achieved by careful artwork manipulation and layer settings. This example shows the incredible detail that can be achieved with laser Engraving.

Young Girls Poem: Laser engraved and paint filled into beach timber with sharp text and pattern.

Price On Application
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Wood Engraving Methods

We can engrave any type of timber, Old logs, fence posts, large signs, Pine crates, Cedar, hardwood, softwood, MDF board, etc.. We use a variety of engraving methods to achieve a quality result for your timber engraving project and will recommend the best way with each job.

Timber Engraving is used for timber signage; often with a rustic look requirement, Gift engraving onto wooden products, product branding, house names and artistic creations.

Sand Blasting

This process will provide excellent rendition of imaging and provide a good solution to timbers with different grain densities or rough uneven surfaces and for long/large panel work. The etching is usually paint filled and can be done to give a burnt timber effect but can be left un-painted which provides a subtle less contrasted finish.

Very High definition can be made with sand blasting. We use a photopolymer film to create a precision stencil that is applied the timber surface as a mask. Definition up to 0.2mm line width can be achieved depending on the timber surface.

Laser Engraving

Laser engraved timber leaves a burnt timber effect which varies in density depending on the type of timber. The lighter the timber the darker the burn. You get crisp sharp detail with laser engraving and a good depth to make your image stand out. Any type of timber can be laser engraved and any image can be engraved including photographic etching via half tone production.

CNC Router Engraving

Used many for large text engraving into timber such as outdoor way finding signage. CNC routing is the process of a rotating cutter carving out lettering. There is no contrast to the surface and the engraved surface so it is normally used in conjunction with paint filling.

Your Project

We can accommodate any type of timber engraving project and assure fast service with quality work guaranteed. Our many years experience leave you with an impressive result every time.