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All About 3D Crystal

3D Crystal is a unique range of optical crystal awards that are laser engraved inside the crystal, using an extraordinary sub surface etching technique. A stunning award that will become a talking point for years to come. You can create 2 or 3 dimensional images inside the crystal with fabulous detail.

This process is a unique way in which to create awe inspiring gifts and awards. By means of a sophisticated computer software program your images can be modeled into a three dimensional design.

The Laser Engraving process is similar to laser eye surgery where the laser beam is aimed to a point below the surface of the eye.  Two laser beams are shot into the crystal to the same point. Where the two beams meet a tiny explosion occurs that creates a minute chip inside the crystal. Literally hundreds of thousands of chips create the image inside the crystal. You can create a 2 dimensional image of anything.

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What’s the difference between 2D and 3D Sub Surface Engraving?

2D Sub Surface Engraving

2 Dimensional Sub Surface Engraving is done below the surface in two dimensions along one plane - left and right.(X and Y axis). It is a typical flat plane engraving like the sample to the right.

It’s just like normal surface engraving, but it’s actually below the surface. The engraving is inside the crystal and it can be placed on different levels such as logo to the back, text forward.






3D Sub Surface Engraving

3 Dimensional Sub Surface Engraving is done below the surface in three dimensions. This creates a fascinating sub surface image. When viewed from any angle the intricate design appears like a three dimensional sculpture.  (See image at right.)

We have engraved 3 dimensional Helicopters, Sailing Boats, Trucks, People and much more. We literally can engrave any image inside the crystal.





What do I need to provide you with to produce Sub Surface Engraving?

Any image file can be used. Jpg, bmp, photo, vector file, a child’s hand drawing, anything. To have a 3 dimensional image made it is best to provide images of the item from each side. As an example let’s look at a Sailing boat. A line drawing of the boat is ideal to get a clear perspective of the shape but then we would ideally like an image form the sides, the back and the front to be able to model the image to its closest likeness. We can even etch the crew hiking.

For a person to be rendered in 3 dimensions we take a flat photo and render this into a 3D shape. Obviously we don’t have the back of the person so the back area is not there but you still get a great looking rendition. Just take a look at Mark Schwarzer below.

Set Up Charges Apply

Artwork Set up charge applies to 3D Crystal Range Items. There are different prices for 2 and 3 dimensional drawings. Prices for set up range from $88.00. 3 dimensional images may incur higher set up fees than 2 dimensional images.

How long does it take to get an order made?

That varies but we usually need about 7 working days from art sign off for orders below 20, and 10-20 days for large orders, although we have been known to make it happen much quicker than that. Best thing is to call us on 02 9771 3666 to discuss your requirements and the possibilities.

Does 3D Crystal Come in a Presentation Box?

Yes it does, each crystal comes in its own quality gift box which is included in the price.

Can we have the Gift Box Printed?

Yes you can. For a small fee we can digitally print or foil stamp the boxes

Can we Design our own Crystal Shape?

Yes, although this does affect turnaround times and the price becomes more than standard price.

Can we choose other Crystal Trophy Designs not marked as 3D Crystal?

Yes you can. Some will not be suitable though whilst others will work really well.