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All About Deal Toys and Financial Tombstones

Financial tombstones and deal toys are momentous used in finance, investment and corporate sector to formally recognise a particular financial transaction. Financial Tombstones are usually a document that has been laminated and embedded into a cast acrylic block whilst Deal Toys are a customised item with a bit of fun to its aspect. A deal toy is a customised bespoke shape that represents the deal

Deal Toys and Financial Tombstones are normally presented to the people involved in the deal which recognises the significant transaction and hard work done by all. It becomes a proud memento of the occasion and effort.

Let’s go through the different type of products in this category and explain the product and requirement:

Financial Tombstones

They can be made in any size and shape. Your transaction record is printed onto a high-grade paper or acetate using high-quality print processes. The document is embedded inside an acrylic block. Many blocks are rectangle but they can be any shape you desire.

Size: The typical size for Financial Tombstones is 170mm x 120mm x 25mm thick. They can be large or smaller but should always be at least 25mm thick for stability.

Image: Your image can be in full colour and it is best to send us a high-resolution image to get the highest quality print. We can Type set for you or you can provide print-ready files.

The print cannot go all the way to the edge as it needs to be encased so always expect around 10mm clear border.

More than just a print: Whilst Financial Tombstones traditional have a single print embedment you can have other items embedded with the print. We have done coffee bean, Wheat grains, Plastic fish, Credit cards and many other items.

Time Frame: For embedded Financial Tombstones we require about 3 weeks for production after sign off.

Deal Toys

Deal Toys are usually shaped to represent the industry or an aspect of the deal. They have a fun, playful aspect to them hence the name Deal “Toy”. You can get creative to make a bespoke memento that will usually sit on an executive’s desk or bookshelf.

Materials: They can be made from any material. We typically use acrylic and resin casting but can also get creative with custom shaped Crystal and Metal.

Types: Our website displays an array of different kinds of Deal Toys ranging from laser cut out shapes to cast resin styles in 3D shapes. Most designs are achievable.

Size: Any Size, of course, can be made but a height of 150mm to 250mm is usually best for bookshelf or desk. The size is up to you.

Image: Vectorised eps files are always the best files to send us however we can work with jpeg files but artwork charges are likely to apply.

The History of Financial Tombstones

A financial Tombstone was originally a printed notification that formally announces the closing of a transaction/deal in the financial sector or Corporation take-over.

In 1933 the Securities Act required the publication of the transaction, commonly called a Tombstone advertisement, to be printed in the newspaper to provide a summary of the financial deal and was considered the last step in the transaction.

In the late 1960’s it became fashionable to embed the printed Tombstone paper announcement into resin and acrylic, enshrining it in a block that could then be displayed by executives of the deal.

Deal Toys are generally considered a prized citation of the transactional achievement, A trophy for the effort, and a memento of the momentous occasion. They become a proud iconic symbol in corporate offices throughout the world.

Exert from Wikipedia

This public disclosure is done in a form that lists the participants in a specified order according to their role in underwriting or brokering the transaction. The name of this disclosure comes from the appearance of advertisement used, a 'tombstone ad', so-called because the simple, centered text style with large amounts of whitespace and few if any images or other adornments make them resemble some of the tombstones found in cemeteries.  Additional information such as "photographs of investment properties or descriptions of the tax benefits of investments" were not allowed in financial tombstones

Among financial firms, and more specifically, the investment banking community, the term "tombstone" may also refer to a trophy or deal tombstone, known as a deal toy

The Deal Toy evolved in the late 1960s when financial institutions and law firms started having Financial Tombstone advertisements embedded in acrylic for display purposes. The items are still known as Financial Tombstones

In the early 2000s Deal Toys started to evolve into more creative shapes and items being embedded into the enshrinement. Mining companies started adding materials such as oil, iron ore fragments, etc to make the tombstones more attractive. Various shapes and 3-dimensional designs started to appear to make the mementos more attractive and somewhat playful items and the phrase Deal Toy became identified with the contemporary style of a financial tombstone.