Brushed Gold Stainless Steel Doctors Plaque - 350mm x 150mm

Our doctor's plaques are unique in that they are the only brass coloured doctors plaques on the market that do not tarnish. This means very little maintenance and a plaque that looks new forever. Plaques are surface etched and paint filled with high-quality durable gloss black polyurethane that will not fall out. 

Plaques can be supplied with hidden studs for mounting and Timber backings and can be used for Professional Title Plaques and Building name Plaques. Please note that these plaques are not the traditional engraved and paint-filled style they are the new modern Titanium Gold coated stainless steel plaques with surface etch and paint fill and do not tarnish like the traditional style.


  • Outdoor UV OK
  • Hardwearing surface
  • Does not tarnish
  • 2mm Brushed Gold Stainless Steel


Price: $610.35 $610.35
Current production time: 10 Working Days (Mon-Fri) Plus delivery time | Need it Sooner? Call us & we will see what we can do for you.

Our Metal Plaques division delivers you the right solution for your requirements. Engraving processes vary depending on the job at hand. We use the full spectrum of engraving processes to ensure the best result for your needs taking into consideration environmental exposure and styling needs. Our friendly sales team can guide you to the right solution for your requirements and ensure you get the best solution.

Indoor or Outdoor

The first thing to consider when choosing an engraved brass plaque is whether it will be situated indoors or outdoor. Outdoor plaques need to be durable to the environment and we recommend using Stainless Steel, Brass, Titanium gold-finished stainless steel  or Cast Bronze for outdoor plaques as they give the best durable solution. For Indoor Plaques any of our solutions, including the outdoor ones, are suitable for indoor plaque choices. Our expert sales team can help you find the right solution for your project and budget.

Colour Fill Options

Colour fill matching of PMS colours is no problem and multiple colour fill is achievable. We use the best quality long lasting 2 pack paints for optimum quality.

Photographic Etching 

We have a variety of fantastic photographic etching processes the delivered stunning results.

Types of Plaques

Stainless Steel Plaques

The most durable metal plaque solution. Stainless Steel plaques have a contemporary look to them and are finished with a uniform brushed finish. We use 316 marine-grade Stainless Steel to ensure the best quality and durability. Exceptional outdoor and harsh environment performance that does not tarnish easily and is suitable for harsh sun and sea-salted air. We use a variety of engraving methods and will choose the right options for your needs.

Brass Plaques

A durable metal plaque solution. Brass Plaques are a traditional gold metal plaques seen throughout cities around the world and have a traditional and prestigious style to them. Our Brass Plaques have a brushed satin finish and are paint filled to your colour specification.

Traditional Brass plaques do tarnish with time which can leave a desired old finish but they can be easily cleaned to bring back the new brass look. We do offer a Titanium gold-finished stainless steel which looks like brass but does not tarnish and is scratch-resistant. It's a great alternative to traditional engraved brass plaques.

Cast Bronze Plaques

Very traditional style embossed lettering Cast Bronze Plaques classically used as ceremonial plaques, Building Names and Memorial Plaques. They are extremely durable and will outlive all of us. production time for these plaques can take 4-6 weeks

Alloy Plaques

We have a variety of different alloy metals to create Metal plaques with. A satin finish alloy is used for a smooth contemporary look. Alloy is durable but susceptible to scratches and dings.

Engraving Processes

Our engraving methods include:

Acid Etching is an extremely precise method of engraving Stainless Steel, Brass, and Alloy. The process creates very accurate and fine detail subsurface etching giving depth to the engraving and allows for uniform paint filling. This is an extremely durable engraving solution suitable for the harshest conditions

CNC Engraving is the traditional rotary engraving method that carves engraving into the surface of metals and other substrates

Fibre Laser which is laser cutting into the surface creating a shallow depth for paint filling.

Laser Annealing which creates a permanent durable black surface marking. 

Sandblasting is a great economical permanent engraving process which produces a surface abrasion etching which is then paint filled with durable long-lasting 2-pack paint

Sublimation Printing is available on limited process-specific polyester-coated stainless steel and aluminium. The process of heat press prints the image into the polyester surface. 

UV Digital Printing produces the full-colour gambit including white by special sign ink that is UV cured to create a brilliant colour image