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Medal Ribbons

There is a standard range of medal ribbons but for custom medals you can choose any colour or combination of ribbons. Ribbons are normally 25mm wide by a total length of 800mm. Ribbons can also be printed with text or/and logo to personalised them for your event. Another option here is to use a lanyard, normally around 10mm wide, which can also be printed with logo and text. Set up fees apply to customised ribbons and lanyards.

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Medal Cases

We can supply excellent quality custom medal cases made from Velvet or Leather like covered hard shell with insert to fit medal and a satin lined inner case normal in white. Case colours can be black, blue or red as standard colours and prinitng on cases outer or inner surface is optional. Set up fees apply if printed medal cases is required. We also have a large range of standard cases available. These do tend to be a little dearer than the specific factory made custom medal cases.

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Medal Engraving

We can cater for you complete needs here at Premier Awards. Medal engraving is available with a variety of options. Our normal method is traditional computerised diamond drag engraving directly onto the medal surface. We engrave or full colour print onto metal plate that is inserted onto the surface of the medal.