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Motor Sport Awards and Trophies

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Choose any of these trophies to be adapted to your sport or activity. You can change the figure or motif to suit your needs. Just tell us which sport/activity you require the awards for and we'll make them up that way for you using quality parts.

Our Cups range is divided into sections for your convenience. Cups can be created as individual recipient cups or perpetuals and we can do a great job of incorporating your logo on the cup surface of most or the the base plate. Note the Winners Circle is a select range of quality cups that are sized from 8cm to 30cm and ideal for Individual winners of sporting events.  Cups form part of our extensive awards and trophies range.

Our Extensice range of Motor Sports trophies includes Motor Racing, Motor Cycle Racing, Motorcrosss Trophies, Car Club Awards, Go-Kart Trophies and any Motorised sport. We have many years experience and have custom manufacturing capabilities.

We also Offer Car Club Badges and compliance plate re-manufacturing.